About us

Vizual Element is a focused and experienced team with over 20 years of experience working with some of the largest companies in the world providing a wide range of digital content and associated services.

We have considerable experience in delivering digital content to a wide range of industries ranging from advertising, defence, automotive and consumer goods. Vizual element can provide customers with content and workflows which save time and allow for more creatively then traditional approaches, we have extensive experience in helping companies transition to a rich digital environment for marketing, training, visualization and design validation.

Vizual element is run by

Leo Cocca
...completed his advanced diploma of screen in 2005 and has been working in the 3d industry since 2004.
Babak Sanayei
...has extensive knowledge of 3D and has been working professionally since the late 90's, he has a bachelors degree from UWS and a Tafe diploma in interactive multimedia.

Past Expereince

We have a vast history of working with companies such as;

Kia, Honda, Toyota, Bombardier, Alias, Dassualt Systemes, Autodesk, Virtools, Riveria Marine, HSV, Ford, Cream, TBWA, Mitsubishi, Nike, Oasis Post, Electrolux, CEA Technologies, Innocean, Australian Broadcasting Agency, UTS, Aloca, BHP, DSTO and many others...